Tax Marketing Mentoring: Creating Your Lifestyle Practice

VIP Private Coaching:
Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle Practice Through Tax Marketing Mentoring


From the seaside desk of Jassen Bowman, EA

For over four years now, my tax business has afforded me my dream lifestyle. I’ve been fortunate to spend extended periods of time in some of the most amazing places on earth. I’ve stood at the rim of an active volcano in Japan, sailed the Baltic Sea, SCUBA dived in Maui, and drank the best 60-year old Scotch… in Scotland. During March and April 2014, I’ve spent the heat of tax season vacationing in France, the Swiss Alps, and the Mediterranean coast of Spain, then the spent May and June in beautiful Sidney, Australia.

I’m obviously a firm believer in the power of running a lifestyle-based tax practice. My world travels have not interfered with operating my practice, and thanks to the wonders of technology, most of my representation clients have never even known I was sitting somewhere like Tokyo, Sydney, or Tallinn.

Since starting the Tax Marketing HQ blog, I’ve been asked numerous times to directly assist small firms and solo practitioners to guide them through the process of creating the same type of lifestyle-based practice. While I’ve worked in spurts with a small handful of larger firms over the past few years to help them grow their tax resolution practices, I have been reluctant to offer any one-on-one mentoring or “Done For You” services for firms on an ongoing basis due to my desire to travel.

The courses offered on this site provide everything necessary to transform your practice, but I recognize the fact that having personal, one-on-one assistance is invaluable. Now that I’ve settled down for a while and am catching up on some other projects, I’ve decided to finally offer personal mentoring for growing your tax and accounting firm.

What do YOU want to achieve in your tax practice?
This mentoring program is not like any other coaching program you may have seen, because it is tailored entirely to what you desire to achieve. The purpose of this program is to work on building YOUR ideal lifestyle practice. My practice goals my be vastly different from yours, and your strategy to get where you want to go is going to be unique to you.

Working together, we’ll create a customized, strategic plan to create a practice that meets your lifestyle objectives. This entire mentoring relationship is one-on-one.. There is no structure to this mentoring relationship: We will work on what you need to work on, when you need to work on it.

We will have private calls to discuss strategy, tactics, implementation and accountability. I will hold you accountable to the plan that we’ve created. You will have weekly tasks to complete, and I will expect you to make progress on your strategic plan over time.

We’ll discuss the pace of your progress at the beginning of our mentoring relationship. I will hold you to a somewhat challenging pace, but it will also be based on your available time and budget for marketing, staffing, and any other items that are part of your strategic plan.

This mentoring program includes several components:

  • Private, one-on-one implementation and accountability calls twice per month for 50 minutes each.
  • Access to the complete Tax Resolution Leadership Gold+ Program, plus every other course, toolkit, book, and program I create during the course of our coaching relationship.
  • Full access to all monthly Tax Marketing Premium materials AND Platinum Inner Circle materials.
  • FREE admission to all of my live bootcamps and workshops, PLUS bonus sessions at these events for VIP members only.
  • Participation in my book authorship program, where I work with you to write your book for marketing and PR purposes.

In short, look at your VIP membership as your all-access backstage pass to growing your tax firm.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these components.

Personal Mentoring Calls

ringing-red-telephone-mdTwice each month, we’ll get on the phone for 50-minute sessions to actually implement your action plan and monitor your progress. On these sessions, we will actually walk through whatever steps of the process you need immediate help with. We will work on direct implementation and coaching, as well as accountability. I will have high expectations for participants in this mentoring program, and making sure you’re on track to succeed is important to me. As such, you can expect me to hold you ruthlessly accountable for results in your practice.

When we first start working together, we’ll determine your starting point, figure out what resources you already have vs. what you need, and set goals for our time together going forward. Here are just a few examples of things we may work on together in private sessions, depending on your objectives:

  1. Goal setting and business planning exercise.
  2. Determining your ideal client profile.
  3. Congruity of various services to your overall practice to maximize Lifetime Client Value (LCV).
  4. Calculate marketing numbers required to hit revenue targets.
  5. Write your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  6. Brainstorm marketing messages and headlines.
  7. Determine marketing media to employ to hit your numbers.
  8. Craft offers and response mechanisms.
  9. Create marketing budgets.
  10. Discuss what to put on the service sections of your web site.
  11. Brainstorm ideas for your lead capture web system.
  12. Create the script for your 24 hour recorded information line.
  13. Train receptionist on how to handle incoming leads.
  14. Outline a 12-month follow up touch program.
  15. Create client/prospect monthly newsletters.
  16. Draft actual prospecting postcards/letters for lead generation sequence.
  17. Create your prospect inquiry response package (“Shock & Awesome” kit).
  18. Role play tax resolution, tax planning, and examination consultations.
  19. Create your New Client Document packet.
  20. Set up your client intake work flow.
  21. Set up your case work management system.
  22. Work through how to resolve a specific tax case you’re already working on.
  23. Discuss finer points of Installment Agreement negotiation.
  24. Run through Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP) calculations.
  25. How to hire super-star staff members.
  26. Discuss Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. PPC ad campaigns.
  27. Discuss social media automation.
  28. …and anything else you need help with.
You can expect a high degree of accountability from me. During each coaching session, you can expect that we will:

  • Check in on your progress on previously assigned tasks.
  • Discuss challenges that you’ve encountered.
  • Create new tasks for you to work on that get you closer to your goals.
  • Have brainstorming and advising time to accelerate your progress.

Bear in mind that the entire purpose of this program is for you to make actual progress towards creating your lifestyle-based practice. We’ll be working together towards measurable results, not just creating wish lists. In short, this program is for doers, not dreamers.

This is an opportunity for you to have me guide you by the hand to work on your practice, rather than in your practice. We’ll work on both strategic and tactical elements of your practice — from creating your long-term vision to writing actual marketing copy.

In addition to our telephone sessions, you’ll have direct email access to me for help with any questions or situations that arise in between our calls. This also provides you the opportunity to have me review marketing pieces, critique web sites, offer tax resolution case advice, etc.

Tax Marketing Premium Monthly Benefits

VIP members will also receive all the benefits of Tax Marketing Premium, including:

  • The Tax Marketing Monthly newsletter, providing the latest insight into what’s working now to grow your tax practice, plus advanced marketing tutorials, analysis of marketing pieces and campaigns, reader Q&A, and more.
  • Monthly live Mastermind Group call. On these calls, Jassen will present 30 minutes of prepared material on a particular tax practice growth topic. We will then have 30 to 60 minutes of discussion and open Q&A.
  • One hour of IRS-approved continuing education each month, presented via webinar.

Premium membership is normally $97/mo, but it included at no extra charge during the duration of your VIP enrollment.

Platinum Inner Circle Monthly Benefits

VIP members also receive all Platinum member benefits each month, including:

  • Monthly “Done For You” pre-written articles to use in blogs, emails, and newsletters.
  • Monthly “Look Over My Shoulder” packet showing exactly what I’m doing in my brick and mortar practice.
  • The actual marketing pieces I’m sending out.
  • The exact list criteria that I’m using for direct mail every month.
  • Marketing campaign result data.
  • A new training video or webinar demonstrating how I accomplish a specific technical task.
  • The steps I take to network within my chosen niches and convert those contacts to clients.

Platinum Inner Circle membership is normally $297 per month, but you receive all these member benefits at no extra charge as a VIP client.

FREE Boot Camp & Workshop Admission

Each year, I present several large boot camps and small group workshops around the country. As a VIP member, you are welcome to attend any or ALL of these events, at absolutely no extra charge. At my boot camps, I will include special VIP-only bonus sessions that are strictly open to VIP members.

On top of that… I generally speak at a small number of other seminars each year. As a VIP member, I will buy your admission ticket to attend one of these other events each year.

Tax Resolution Leadership Gold+ Program

trlp-smallYou’ll receive full access to the only comprehensive training program and resource kit for adding tax resolution services to your tax practice. This program, normally $3,860, contains the following courses and tools:

  • Tax Marketing Toolkit – A comprehensive direct marketing education, as well as the prospecting letters, postcards, telephone scripts, radio ad scripts, and other marketing pieces you’ll need for an effective marketing campaign to generate new business.
  • Consultative Selling For Tax Resolution Professionals – A comprehensive course covering all phases of the tax resolution sales cycle, including prospecting, presenting, following up, handling objections, and closing.
  • Tax Resolution Mastery Course – The technical and tax law side of things. Learn how to negotiate successful IRS collections resolutions, eliminate penalties, and make use of a wide array of IRS programs to address back tax liabilities for your clients. Contains all the template letters, forms, and client documents you’ll need for running a successful taxpayer representation practice. This course is regularly priced at $995.
  • Tax Resolution Systems – This unique manual contains the complete set of step-by-step checklists that I use to run my business. This is the operations manual. It contains checklists for the most common tasks conducted in a tax resolution practice, including marketing, sales consultations, case work, working with outside professionals, and more. This set of office procedures and checklists is the only thing of it’s kind in the industry.

The Tax Resolution Leadership Program also contains recordings of our Fast Start training calls and a slew of other resources. Within this mentoring program, you’ll have me to personally guide you through these materials so you’re not overwhelmed by the shear quantity of information this program contains.

FREE Access To All New Courses & Books…

Each year, I write a couple new books, and create one or more new trainining courses or toolkits. Regardless of whether it’s a $20 book or a $2000 comprehensive course, you will receive FREE access to all new toolkits, courses, books, and other programs I create during your VIP membership year.

Tax Pro Book Creation Program

I adamantly believe that every tax professional should become a published author. The value of including a book in your marketing response package…the PR potential…the authority positioning… All of that and then some makes becoming an author one of the most valuable things you can do.

I am the only advisor to professional tax industry that offers a custom book creation program, where I work with you to write your book, together. This program is normally $3,450, but I believe it’s so important to your success, that I’ll work with you on this project during the course of your VIP enrollment at absolutely no extra charge.

How will this work?

I’m going to be fairly selective regarding whom I mentor. If we haven’t worked together in the past, we should begin with an introductory conversation to determine if we’re a good fit for working together. We will discuss where things are with your practice now, where you want to go, and precisely how I can help you get there. This initial coaching session will be at no charge. If we then both agree that a mentoring relationship is a good fit, then we’ll create a plan of action and schedule ongoing coaching call times.

This is an annual, calendar-year based program. This provides us with ample time together to make significant progress on revolutionizing your business. This approach provides you with the opportunity to progress towards your goals at a quick yet reasonable pace, and provides enough of a commitment period to see measurable progress.


The success of your tax practice, and the value of creating your ideal lifestyle, is very important to you. Achieving that ideal lifestyle requires a commitment to yourself. As a VIP member, I’m making that same commitment to you and your business.

Let’s review everything that you receive in this program:

  • Two hours per month of private mentoring. At my regular hourly rate, this would be $10,080 per year.
  • Tax Resolution Leadership Gold+ Program: Regularly $3,860.
  • Tax Marketing Premium: Regularly $1,164 per year.
  • Platinum Inner Circle: Regularly $3,564 per year.
  • All new courses, books, and toolkits: At least $2,500 each year.
  • FREE admission to live boot camps and workshops, a savings of over $1,500 per year.
  • Custom book authoring program, normally $3,450.

The total value of this VIP Private Coaching program adds up to well over $26,118 for the year..

Quite frankly, I’ve come to enjoy working with other tax professionals more than I enjoy doing tax resolution work (which I genuinely do like doing). I definitely believe that the value I can bring to you and your practice is actually much higher than the the $26,118 you would pay if you purchased everything separately. When you consider the average tax resolution case fee is in the $3,000 to $5,000 range, this mentoring program becomes free to you very quickly.

Because I love working with other tax professionals so much, my VIP Private Coaching program is purposefully priced to be well within the reach of just about any tax professional — and it’s roughly half the investment of similar programs while providing more than double the benefits. This means that your investment in this mentoring program is only $9997 per year (a quarterly payment plan option is also available).

If you have previously invested in either the Tax Resolution Leadership Program or the book authorship program, you will receive a significant discount on your 2015 VIP Coaching enrollment.

Do bear in mind that this program is available by application only, and I’m only offering 12 slots for the entirety of 2015. Priority will be given to any members of my 2014 quarterly coaching program.

Sorry, but applications are currently closed.