This tax season, I’ve decided to suffer with you…

Last year, I decided to sit out the tax season completely, and simply enjoyed the Provo, Utah winter and spring, and completed only a handful of returns for friends and tax resolution clients. This year, back in Colorado, I would say I “half-participated” in the tax season, doing returns for some of my past tax resolution clients and picking up some of the slack for a local firm. All told, I did about 185 personal returns this last season.

After almost a decade in Colorado, I recently returned to the Pacific Northwest in order to pursue my dream of learning how to sail. Although the Puget Sound area has long been where I thought I would go, I actually chose to be closer to family, but on the zero state income tax side of the state line, in Vancouver, WA, part of the Portland, OR metropolitan area.

Here in Washington, I am completely unconnected. I have no past tax resolution clients that are local. I have no local network of friends, organizations, or common interest groups that I can tap into for easily obtaining tax clients. I have no relationships with other tax professionals within 200 miles that I can call up and ask to take their seasonal overflow work.

In short, as far as having a good tax season, I’m starting here with about as blank of a slate as I can possibly have.

While it’s tempting to slack off for another tax season and enjoy the Columbia River basin’s extremely mild winter, that obviously will not help me to reach any of my personal financial goals. And in case you’ve ever wondered, yes, I’m still a practicing EA. While I do commit the majority of my time to creating the best training courses and marketing services that I possibly can for you here on, I’m still in the trenches with you every week doing at least some tax work.

With all that said, here is the major announcement that I promised you yesterday: This coming tax season, I’m going to be right there along side you building my seasonal tax return preparation clientele.

Due to my focus this year on improving Tax Marketing HQ, I have taken on very few tax resolution cases in 2012. Combined with carry over from past tax resolution clients that I still do returns for, I will have a running start of less than 20 personal returns and half as many business returns. That’s not exactly starting from scratch, but it’s also only one week worth of work.

So what’s in this for you?

I’m going to document everything that I do to launch a local tax prep practice, and I’m going to share every step of that process with you.

You’ll get to see how I create and leverage associations. You’ll see how I use real estate agent “farming” techniques to obtain tax prep clients in specific neighborhoods. You’ll get the inside scoop on how and why I define and ideal client, and go after only that group. You’ll see the systems, checklists, marketing pieces, and everything else that I either use from my existing course materials or create anew in order to have a successful tax season.

If you’re a tax professional in Vancouver, WA, you’re probably not going to be too happy to be reading this. But if you’re anywhere else, you’re in for a treat, because very, very few people ever share precisely how they build any sort of business, as they’re doing it.

Yes, there will be certain items, such as specific checklists and marketing pieces, that will only be available to premium members, but the gory, day-to-day details of marketing to launch a new practice will be reported right here in the free Tax Marketing Tips newsletter.

Next time, I’ll be picking back up with the Internet marketing theme for tax resolution lead generation….stay tuned!

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