Tax Resolution Sales & Marketing Vacation Package

Congratulations on your decision to add the lucrative service of IRS collections representation to your practice!

The material presented here in this special package is meant to cover the most frequently asked questions that Jassen receives from practitioners. In short, this is centered around the process of marketing and selling tax resolution service.

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Tax Resolution Marketing & Sales Primer

This is a recording from just a couple weeks ago, presenting a lightning fast yet solid foundation in tax resolution lead generation and sales principles. This special vacation package is the only source for this webinar replay or the slides.

To access the webinar replay –>

To download a PDF of the slides –> Download Slides

Seattle “Winner’s Weekend” Recordings

These are recordings from my February 28, 2015 live customer appreciation event in Seattle. At this special, one-time only event, I revealed the deepest secrets of running a high-profit tax resolution practice. Properly applied, the lessons contained in these recordings can profoundly change your entire tax practice.

Session 1 (75 min)

Session 2 (34 min)

Session 3 (1 hr, 37 min)

Session 4, Part 1 (50 min)
Exercise (seriously, fill this out): IDEAL Client Profile Worksheet (PDF)

Session 4, Part 2 (60 min)

Session 4, Part 3 (44 min)

Tax Resolution Sales Training

Sales Training (MP3) (94 min) – Tax prep is a commodity, and therefore sells itself. Tax resolution requires you to actually SELL it. Learn how here.

Tax Resolution Sales Model Checklists Comparison (MP3) (51 min)

How To Increase Your Tax Resolution Sales Closing Rate (MP3) (32 min)

Tax Resolution Consultative Sales Manual (PDF)

And last, but certainly not least…

Real World Fee Examples (PDF)
– this is the guide explaining how I quote fees. This is probably the single most frequently asked question that Jassen gets about tax resolution services.