Tax Resolution Leadership Conference: Atlanta, GA

Session Audio Downloads

Raw, uncensored recordings from Atlanta. Contains uncomfortable revenue generating information. Listener discretion is advised.

Audio #1: Intro Session: Discomfort Drives Success (MP3) (59 min)

Audio #2: Uncovering Market Opportunities In Social Change (MP3) (38 min)

Audio #3: Systems Make Life Easier and More Profitable (MP3) (35 min)

Audio #4: Tax Resolution Sales Model Checklists Comparison (MP3) (51 min)

Audio #5: Hiring Your First Tax Resolution Assistant (MP3) (45 min)

Audio #6: Five Threats To Your Tax Resolution Practice And What To Do About Them (MP3) (14 min)

Audio #7: How To Increase Your Tax Resolution Sales Closing Rate (MP3) (32 min)

The Resurrected Tracks

These are the low quality recordings that we have tried to clean up and and amplify to a listenable level. I wouldn’t suggest listening to these while driving, it may prove too frustrating. However, the information they contain is valuable material, so I’m including it here for your suffering.

Dan Henn, CPA on Authority Positioning (MP3) (57 min)

How To Increase Your Direct Mail ROI (MP3) (43 min)

Bonus Downloads

Response to Tuesday night’s bonus session was so positive, that I’ve decided to give everybody the following bonus gift. I know some attendees may already have this, but it’s relevant to the bonus session, and covers very technical how-to information for setting up online lead funnels. Keep in mind that this is over a year old, and not as sophisticated as the model presented during the session, but still relevant.

Bonus Download: Creating Online Tax Client Lead Funnels (PDF)

Bonus Audio: Reducing Your Cost of Client Acquisition (MP3) (43 min) – Recorded after I returned home from Atlanta, and covering a topic that I didn’t delve into during the conference but had material prepared for it.


I’d like to thank our sponsors for their support of the conference.

Nate Hagerty, founder of TaxProMarketer, joined us to discuss the latest in social media and SEO strategies to help you generate leads online.

Kurt Avarell, JD, CEO of Canopy, spoke to us about efficient case work management and provided the first public demonstration of some awesome new features in the Canopy tax resolution case management software platform.