The One-Hour Per Day Tax Firm Marketing Plan


A Simple, Proven Plan For Attracting New Clients To Your Specialized Service Offerings


If you want to grow your non-tax prep services, then you need to read this short book. Inside, you’ll find a simple, cost-effective marketing plan for adding revenue to the most lucrative, specialized services you offer, such as tax planning, tax resolution, taxpayer representation, financial planning, and advisory services.

In simple language, Jassen Bowman, EA presents an example daily marketing checklist that will only take 30 to 60 minutes per day of your time. Jassen includes additional commentary on each step in the checklist that will show you how to implement the marketing task. Included are recommended sources of lists and service providers to help you accomplish specific marketing tasks.

As artificial intelligence software starts to eat into more and more of your tax prep revenue base, it will become ever more important for you to grow the non-tax prep part of your business. Doing so will not only be more profitable, but also reduce stress and ensure the longevity of your tax practice. This book will show you how to market your most profitable services so that you don’t fall victim to the rise of the robots.

Available in Kindle ebook format only.


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