Custom SEO Blog Pillar Posts


2,500-word custom content.


Every tax and accounting website needs to have a blog with frequent, new content additions in order to appease the search engine gods.

Meaning, Google.

There’s nothing Google loves more than new, long-form content for the GoogleBot to nom-nom away on. This content is precisely what people are searching for when they use Google for a search.

In short, without great content, your website sucks and will never rank very high in the search engines.

But hey, maybe you’re not a very good writer. Or maybe you straight up despise writing. That’s OK, I’ve got your back.

I am available on a limited basis to write 100% original, custom pillar posts for your website. A proper long-form, SEO optimized blog post consists of:

  • A minimum of 2,000 words
  • Proper keyword research and placement in the article
  • An alternate reader path to communicate the main points
  • An attention-grabbing title and introduction to minimize bounce rates
  • Proper paragraph length, bullet points, tables, and images to maximize reader experience (UX)
  • An appropriate call to action to help you generate actual leads from this traffic

Please realize that it takes TIME to do the keyword research, the technical research, create the proper structure, and write the content for a legitimate pillar post. A professional freelance techical writer will typically charge in the range of 35 cents to 50 cents per word for this kind of writing on a technical subject such as taxes. Due to the fact that I’m an experienced EA, and engage in keyword research for myself on a regular basis, I can “fast forward” through some of the research steps while creating equivalent or better content as a freelance technical writer.

This Pillar Post service is for a 2,500 word blog post. Keyword researched and optimized, with appropriate structure as outlined above. At 30 cents per word, the price for this service comes to $750.

Your purchase includes up to ONE revision to the finished article. Expected project turn time is 30 days. This offer is strictly limited to tax and personal finance topics only.

After you place your order, I will contact you via email to collect details of the pillar post you wish to have written. You will want to give some thought to this before you place your order, so we can get to work quickly. You should be prepared to provide me the EXACT topic that you want covered, explained in ten words or less. If you can’t articulate your desired topic in ten words or less, then you are not yet ready to order this service. Instead, I’d suggest scheduling a private coaching call to discuss your marketing needs first.

Example topics in 10 words or less:

  • Tax implications of cryptocurrency trading
  • How to set up an IRS payment plan
  • Why taxpayers should file their return on time
  • The role of safe withdrawal rates in retirement planning
  • How real estate investors earn returns four different ways

Lastly, you must have a lead capture mechanism set up on your website that I can incorporate into the blog post as a Call to Action. This can be a special report, white paper, opt-in to your newsletter, online appointment scheduler, etc. It must exist, and it must be operational. This is “table stakes” for the success of an SEO-optimized pillar post. As in, it’s pointless to write such a post unless you have a Call to Action to convert cold traffic into leads. If you do not already have this in place, please do not order this service. And yes, I do check your website for this. I want you to succeed, instead of wasting your money and my time.

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