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30-Day 1040 Tax Resolution Marketing Challenge: Day 1

If you’ve heard me present the most recent version of my Tax Resolution Marketing 101 talk, then you may have noticed the addition of a very important slide. That slides covers the top three marketing strategies you should be using to dominate your local tax resolution market. Namely, those three strategies are:

  1. Referrals from other service professionals.
  2. Local authority positioning.
  3. Tax lien marketing.

If you missed the most recent presentation of that material, you can watch the replay here.

During the next 30 days, we will revisit these three themes in particular via the daily challenge tasks. Also, I will be putting together some bonus resources for Premium members to help with the challenge tasks. I will place those all on one page for convenience, located here (if you’re not a Premium member yet, click here for info).

Day 1 Challenge Task

At the core of being able to receive referrals from other service professionals is, well, getting to know other service professionals. Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, bank loan officers, bankruptcy attorneys, divorce attorneys, estate attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents, even other tax professionals, are all potential referral sources for 1040 tax debt resolution work.

Your challenge today is an easy one, and it should take you all of 10 minutes or less. What I want you to do is pick one specific type of service professional, and reach out to at least 5 of them on LinkedIn. Send them a connection request with a personalized message saying that you’re looking to network and would like to connect.

Even better, invite them to … Continue reading

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Why I Nuked My Twitter Account

If you’re one of the few people that followed me on Twitter, you may have noticed that my Twitter profile has been wiped clean.

As in, totally obliterated.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

I can hear the collective gasp now. How could he do such a thing? This is bird abuse!

Let me outline five simple reasons why I decided to do this:

  1. I hate social media, and always have. Since the dawn of MySpace, I have hated social media with a passion. I’ve always found it to be a complete waste of time, a false substitute for genuine human interaction, and an utter annoyance and intrusion into my life. I consider social media to be the worst thing to ever come out of the Internet boom. Thus, when I saw other simple indicators telling me that Twitter was no longer relevant for communication with the people I care about communicating with, it was easy to pull the plug.
  2. I’ve been testing Twitter ads, and they suck. As a marketing guy first and foremost, I believe in testing extensively before making a decision about the utility of a marketing medium. I’ve been testing Twitter ads on and off for about 18 months, and despite my best testing, tweaking, and targeting, I just can’t get them to yield results. So, I’m done throwing good money after bad. No advertising, no need for a profile
  3. Tweet engagement is super weak sauce. For the past 10 months, I’ve been “engaging” on the major social platforms — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. I bought a social media management software system, loaded it up with thousands of things to post, and monitored conversations. I replied where I could, tried to be helpful to folks, did the liking and retweeting. I followed the right people, and maintained a healthy ratio of
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The Single Best Thing You Can Do This Week To End Tax Season Stress

With the filing deadline just two weeks away, most tax professionals are gasping for air right now, barely able to keep their heads above the mountain of 1040 work that they’re drowning in.

Some practitioners, however, have made a choice not to live that way for the next couple weeks. You can make that choice, too, and all it takes are a couple very simple procedural changes in your business.

At our tax resolution boot camp last September, Chrisa Anderson, CPA shared a brilliant strategy for attenuating the April madness: Just stop taking on new returns. Anybody that doesn’t have their documents in by this week simply goes on extension. Problem solved.

Another Premium member, Dan Henn, CPA, has taken it a step further. Not only does he have a document cutoff, he also imposes a Rush Service fee for any returns that an individual absolutely insists on being completed between now and the filing deadline. And it’s not a small priority service fee, either. In fact, he charges the client an extra 50% of their regular tax prep fee.

So if you are normally scrambling like a crazy person to complete returns for the next two weeks, it’s time to make some policy changes. And this doesn’t need to be a “we’ll do that next year” sort of thing. No. Do it now. Today.

Anybody that calls in today or later… Anybody that sends you an email… They simply get told that they’re going on extension or need to pay a priority service surcharge. It’s as simple as that.

Have a nice, relaxing rest of your filing season!

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