It’s Time To Start Gearing Up For Next Tax Season

With September just a few days away, it’s time to start thinking heavily about the 2012 return filing season.

Many tax professionals think of tax season as just a 4-month sprint. The reality of building a top notch tax practice requires thinking about your business as a year-round endeavor.

For example, do you have potential tax return preparation clients on extension, with no plan for contacting them? What about a plan to connect with delinquent taxpayers, often with several years of unfiled 1040 returns, and offer multi-year return preparation?

For next tax season, have you decided on how you’re going to get new clients, reactivate old clients, and get current clients to come back? Have you looked at your manpower requirements, and decided how best to address your staffing needs?

Don’t forget that with the new RTRP requirements, the pool of seasonal tax preparers is expected to shrink dramatically, as many people are not pursuing RTRP licensure. This means that you are competing with your local retail franchise owners for a smaller pool of talented people. Those folks are already recruiting to fill their fall tax classes — are you?

These issues and many are things that you need to keep in mind over the coming months. I’ll be addressing some of these issues over the next several weeks, intermingling them with our ongoing series on marketing your tax practice online.

The January 2012 version of the Tax Marketing Success System is still available at a very affordable price. The new version, for the 2012 return filing season, will be out in a few months, and will be priced substantially higher. So, if you want to save a couple hundred dollars and get running with last year’s version, please check it out (Note: This course is FREE to Gold members).

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