Tax Firm Growth Blueprint

You’ve taken an exciting first step towards creating the tax practice of your dreams! No longer will you be subject to the feast or famine cycle of doing business. You are taking charge of your own revenue levels, and can increase or decrease your income at will.

This course has several components. First, we’ll lay a solid foundation of marketing knowledge so that we’re on the same page in regards to terminology and basic concepts. Then, we’ll take an exploration through lead generation systems and marketing media. Finally, we’ll close with an examination of sales processes, using my area of specialization as an example (although the principles apply to all services).

I highly suggest going through this material in the order presented, as it will make much more sense if you do so.

Lastly, don’t forget that knowledge without application is just as bad as not knowing, so be sure to APPLY the things you’re learning here. “Success loves speed,” and taking action today, even without being fully ready, is far, far better than waiting months and months. In other words: Ready. Fire. Aim!

Video: Marketing Demystified: Client Attraction Fundamentals That Every Accountant & Tax Pro Should Know (105 min)

The information presented here lays the foundation for EVERYTHING else when it comes to marketing your professional services. In less than two hours, this video will provide more pragmatic, real world education that is actually applicable to small businesses like us than you would get in a four year university marketing degree (offense intended to those with marketing degrees!).

Watch it, then watch it again. Wait a couple weeks, and then watch it again. I firmly believe that everything in this video is so critically important to your success that I think you should come back and review it every few months at least. The principles here are very basic, but form the absolute foundation from which all of your marketing tactics should grow.

Let me give you a perfect example, from the live webinar: A CPA attending sent me a private message near the end of the webinar pertaining to a very specific direct mail process that he was trying to figure out how to make work. The very way in which he phrased his question made it very clear to me that what I had talked about earlier on the webinar hadn’t sunk in yet. Don’t apply a marketing tactic just because you think it sounds nifty, or because it’s the flavor of the week (like social media). And definitely never use a marketing medium without giving consideration to whether or not it’s even applicable to your target market!

Enjoy the video…

Marketing Systems

I strongly believe in taking a systems approach to all things. This next video provides an introduction to lead generation systems within your practice.

Video: Marketing & Lead Generation Systems [Right click and “Save as…” to download]

Marketing Media
“Media” refers to the vehicle that carries your marketing message to your target market. Radio, TV, postal mail, email, and billboards are all examples of marketing media.

Video: Marketing Media [Right click and “Save as…” to download]

Note: This second marketing training video is about 3 hours long. You may want to download the MP3 version (right click the link and Save as… to download) instead and listen to it on your portable music player.

Sales Systems (1 hr, 29 min)

Video: Sales Systems [Right click and “Save as…” to download]

Audio: Timeless Face To Face Sales Strategies (1 hr, MP3, 57 MB)

Bonus Marketing Training Materials

Audio Training: Direct Marketing (mp3) (right click and Save as… to download)
Audio Training: Local Marketing (mp3) (right click and Save as… to download)
Audio Training: Marketing For Lazy Folks (mp3) (right click and Save as… to download)
Audio Training: Marketing For Poor Folks (mp3) (right click and Save as… to download)
Audio Training: Marketing Metrics (mp3) (right click and Save as… to download)
Audio Training: Writing Killer Marketing Headlines (mp3) (right click and Save as… to download)
Audio Training: Guerilla Internet Marketing (mp3) (right click and Save as… to download)
Audio Training: Building Effective Landing Pages (mp3) (right click and Save as… to download)
Audio Training: Driving Traffic To Your Website (mp3) (right click and Save as… to download)
Audio Training: Email Marketing Tips and Tricks (mp3) (right click and Save as… to download)

Recommended Reading
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