Download Page: Tax Marketing 101 Course

Tax Marketing 101 Course

You’ve taken an exciting first step towards creating the tax practice of your dreams! No longer will you be subject to the feast or famine cycle of doing business. You are taking charge of your own revenue levels, and can increase or decrease your income at will.

This course has several components. First, we’ll lay a solid foundation of marketing knowledge so that we’re on the same page in regards to terminology and basic concepts. Then, you’ll listen to a special interview I conducted with lead generation wizard James Orr, where we’ll discuss some important “lessons learned” that you can apply to your own lead generation efforts. Third, you’ll get a peak at four successful marketing pieces that myself and others have used in our own practices with much success. Fourth, you’re invited to join me and other members in the Tax Marketing HQ members-only discussion forum, where you can post your marketing and practice management questions, and learn from other members.

I highly suggest going through this material in the order presented, as it will make much more sense if you do so.

Lastly, don’t forget that knowledge without application is just as bad as not knowing, so be sure to APPLY the things you’re learning here. “Success loves speed,” and taking action today, even without being fully ready, is far, far better than waiting months and months. In other words: Ready. Fire. Aim!

Tax Marketing 101 Video (35 min)

Video Download:  Tax Marketing 101 Video [Right click and “Save as…” to download]

Lead Generation Interview Audio
MP3 audio of lead generation interview with James Orr (great for putting on your iPhone or other device for mobile listening): Lead Generation Tips For CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Tax Attorneys [right click and “Save as…” to download]

Marketing Samples
Sample direct response lead generation pieces: Sample Marketing Pieces