Tax Marketing HQ Digital Pass

Since launching the Tax Marketing HQ blog at the beginning of 2012, I have written literally hundreds of pages of blog posts containing proven tactics for attracting new tax and accounting clients into your practice.

Some of these posts have been very short, single steps you can take to improve you business.

Other posts have been lengthy, detailed guides for making giant leaps in your practice.

Going forward, the vast majority of new posts on this blog are going to be of the latter variety, due to overwhelming reader request for these types of articles. In addition, many of these posts will include all-new Action Guides to help you implement the specific strategy talked about in the post. So, each of these detailed posts and it’s accompanying Action Guide will be like a tax marketing mini-course. Normally, these are the kind of blueprints I would normally sell in the $50 range.

Also, due to the popularity of the Marketing Monday webinar series, I’ve decided to turn this into a regular feature of the site. Every 4 to 6 weeks, we’ll cover a specific marketing topic, with immediate take-aways that you can apply that day to your practice. Most of these webinars have been priced at the $27 level so far.

With these two specific services, combined with the regular Profit Alerts I occasionally send out via email, it started to make sense to create a bundled option that would allow readers to have access to all of these resources.

AllAccessPassTicketSmall-300x133Thus, the Tax Marketing HQ Digital Pass is born.

The Tax Marketing HQ Digital Pass provides you access to a slew of digital resources throughout the year to help grow your tax practice, all at one low price:

If you purchased everything separately each month, you would be investing between $120 and $150 per month on these resources.

Even at that price, it’s worth every dime. I spend at least a few hundred dollars every month on webinars, books, and training myself, and frequently invest $1,000 or more in my own self-improvement and practice growth knowledge to help me be a better entrepreneur and tax professional (and this doesn’t even include my CPE).

But to get started with your Tax Marketing HQ Digital Pass, your investment is only only $39 per month, and you may cancel at any time.