30-Day Tax Firm Marketing Challenge: Day 17

Online Marketing

Priotize lead magnets ideas and outline one.
Estimated Time: 60 minutes

Grab your brainstorming list of lead magnets yesterday.

For each item on the list, you’re going to give it a score of 0, 1, or 2, across three different categories…

Interest: Your interest in actually creating this particular lead magnet. If you cringe at the thought of having to do the work to actually produce it, then give it a zero. If you think you could actually be interested in making it, give it a 2. If it could go either way, give it a 1.

Ability: Some things are simply easier to create than others. A book, for example, is a big task, even though one can literally be written in a weekend (it’s not a fun weekend). Even a one page PDF can be a lot to create, if it’s a flow chart or infographic. Those require more time and effort than some people realize. So consider your ability to create this in a timely manner OR your ability to properly describe what you want so that somebody else can make it. Assign a score of 0 for something you don’t think you could actually get done, and a 2 for something that would be easy for you to create.

Value: What will be the perceived value of this lead magnet to the prospect? Things that provide a precise solution to a very specific problem will always have the highest value. Be sure that you’re looking at this from the public’s perspective, not yours. With a critical lens, assign a zero to those items with the least value, and a 2 to the items with the highest perceived value to the public.

Now add up those scores. The maximum score is obviously six. How many sixes do you have? Any fives? Fours? I wouldn’t consider actually pursuing anything less than a four, for what it’s worth.

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Take your highest one or two scoring items, and start to create an outline for the lead magnet. I find the easiest to do this is by stating the problem and the desired solution up front, then creating a series of questions I can answer that bridge the gap between the two. Don’t get bogged down in minutae today — just sketch out an outline.


Offline Marketing

Prioritize lead magnet ideas and outline one.
Estimated Time: 60 minutes

The challenge here is identical to the online marketing challenge, above, except applied to your physical lead magnet brainstorming list from yesterday.

I’ll repeat that: Physical lead magnet.

Do I know how to phone it in or what? 🙂


Practice Management

Prioritize your list of tasks to offload.
Estimated Time: 60-90 minutes

Similar to our challenge for lead magnets, today’s practice management challenge is to prioritize our list of tasks to offload. The difference here, however, is that I really believe that if something made it onto this particular list, it really should go.

There are essentially three ways to get rid of tasks that cause drudgery for you: Eliminate them, delegate them, or automate them.

First and foremost, go through your list and see if you wrote down any services. I’m talking “payroll” and “bookkeeping”, for example. The easiest way to offload a service you don’t enjoy doing or that isn’t profitable is simply to eliminate it. This goes for any and all services, without exception. Yes, even 1040 preparation. If you don’t want to do 1040 prep….if you despise tax season…then just stop doing it. Eliminate the service from your practice — refer that work out, or hire somebody to do it. Certain services, such as payroll and tax prep, have entire industries and infrastructures unto themselves that already exist for you to offload that low-profit work. Just do it.

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So for these services on your list, spend 10-15 minutes brainstorming how you can offload them. Think outsourcing, staffing, contractors, service providers, etc. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Next up: Mundane, routine tasks. This is the second biggest priority I think you should tackle. Look through your list from yesterday, and look for these tasks. We’re talking about answering the phone, taking out the trash, sending tax organizers, etc. For each of those tasks on your list, determine whether it’s easier to eliminate, delegate, or automate it.

For example, tax organizers. Do your clients actually fill them out? A lot of people tell me “no”. If your clients don’t, then just stop sending them. Eliminate. Done.

Answering the phones? Refer back a few days to our challenge about checking out some answering services. If you’re personally answering your own phones in your business — as in you, the CPA, EA, or attorney — then you are not operating at your most profitable efficiency. Delegate this out to a staff person or answering service.

Still entering all transactions by hand? Automate this. Technology is your friend.

These two categories — services and routine tasks — will probably cover the majority of what you brainstormed. For anything else on your list, it will probably take more time to sort through them, but it’s time well spent. Time block a few hours over the next few weeks to revisit items on this list in order to determine how you can eliminate, delegate, or automate them.

If you’re a TaxFirms.com member, please post about what you’re eliminating. I love hearing stories of what tax pros eliminate, and how it inevitably starts a cascade effect. Not a member yet? Join the community today.

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