A to Z Tax Resolution Business Blueprint

IRS Collections representation, commonly referred to as “tax resolution”, is your ticket to a lifestyle-driven tax practice. With over 14 million US taxpayers currently in debt to the IRS, the time is right for YOU to take advantage of this massive revenue opportunity, where fees for even basic cases average over $3,500.

In this course, you’ll receive the most comprehensive blueprint available for building your tax resolution practice. You’ll learn how to rapidly attract clients, quote fees, actually get paid, manage your growing case load, and optimize your time for maximum profitability.
This 12-hour audio training is delivered digitally, so you can dive in immediately to start creating the tax practice of your dreams!
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A to Z Tax Resolution Business Blueprint contains everything you could want to know about creating a tax resolution firm from scratch, or adding this lucrative service to your existing practice.

“Jassen, in April 2017 I attended my first representation event with you in San Diego and I wasn't an EA yet. I finally became an EA in August of that year. Well, last week I just had my very first $8,000+ week of representation! I honestly think - I know - it could have been a lot more!”

Carlos Samaniego, EA - Los Angelses, CA

A Course For All Skill Levels

The A to Z Tax Resolution Business Blueprint contains relevant, current business building information that is applicable to all skill levels. Whether you just passed the CPA exam yesterday, have been an EA for 30 years, or have been a practicing trust & estate attorney for a decade, this course arms you with a particular set of skills that enable you to compete in the tax resolution world. This course even provides a step-by-step, 60-day plan for getting started quickly and painlessly.

Based On Reality, Not Theory

This entire course is based on experience and the realities of the tax resolution marketplace. Jassen brings his ten years of industry experience to bear, and will show you exactly what it takes to build a successful practice. Whether your goal is to simply add an extra $50,000 to your personal bottom line, or you want to build a multi-million dollar firm, this course will give you blueprint to get there.

A Word From The Author

“Entering the tax resolution business is one of the best financial decisions I've ever made. When I lost everything I had in the 2007 real estate crash,  I ended up in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and literally living in my vehicle.  Just a few years later, I was living the dream: Running my practice on my terms, with great clients, as I traveled around the world.” -Jassen Bowman, EA

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