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The Value of Client Reviews In Your Tax Firm Marketing Efforts & How to Get Them

Having your happy clients post positive online reviews of your practice have become an essential component of online marketing for your tax firm. In our crowded online marketplace, consumers may still find it difficult to ascertain whether your accounting firm, tax office, or tax resolution firm is a legitimate company. Intelligent consumers frequently read Yelp, Google, and BBB reviews to evaluate your company. Potential clients want to find out if your business provides mediocre, poor or excellent customer service.

Take Advantage of Known Marketing Strategies

If your tax practice has received unfavorable published reviews, a reputation management strategy via sound search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can make a difference. Establish the future success of your company by using strategies that promote your business online. Positive reviews enable consumers to know if your company is a reputable business and that you’re a competent practitioner. The following blog post will provide you with helpful information about the significance attributed to positive reviews posted by your satisfied clients. If you want to know how to impress your client base enough to warrant a sufficient amount of five-star reviews, study these helpful techniques.

Do not Underestimate the Views of Contemporary Consumers

If you are a CPA, EA, or attorney, you need to be aware of how prospective clients become aware of your tax practice. Today’s enlightened consumers have ways to check out your company before deciding whether they want to buy your products or subscribe to your services. Reviews make it easier for potential clients to make decisions. Restaurant reviews are good examples. With the help of websites that include … Continue reading

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Tax Resolution Marketing: 2018 Tax Lien Marketing Update Series

It’s 2018, and my tax lien marketing plan that generated $3.3 million in 2010 just ain’t cutting it anymore.

Why? Basically, two factors:

  1. There is now three times as much competition in the tax lien marketing game.
  2. There are now HALF as many federal tax liens being filed.

Don’t forget that the IRS files a Form 668-Y, Notice of Federal Tax Lien, on only about 5% of all tax debtors. There is still a statutory tax lien in place, as per 26 USC 6321. But due to budget constraints and kinder, gentler IRS procedures, the public notice tax lien just isn’t filed as frequently. In fact, take a look at these tax lien filings by year:

2009: 965,618
2010: 1,096,376
2011: 1,042,230
2012: 707,768
2013: 602,005
2014: 535,580
2015: 515,247
2016: 470,602
2017: 446,378

As you can see, lien volume has dropped by 59% since the peak.

These factors have contributed to a substantial shift in how one must do tax lien marketing. It’s still highly effective, but HOW you do it has changed.

To keep you abreast of these shifting marketing patterns, I’ve put together something a bit different: The Tax Lien Marketing Update Series.

This program will be a rolling series of webinars and print updates on what’s working now in the world of tax lien marketing. As I re-launch my own tax lien marketing efforts, mine data from my tax lien database service, combined with what I hear from my connections within the industry, I’ll be able to report back to you on the shifting changes in this critically important marketing channel for tax resolution.

This series will be complimentary to Diamond Tax Resolution Coaching members, and available for a modest annual fee for all others (the annual fee will NOT be auto-recurring, like a subscription, which I think will be … Continue reading

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Tax Marketing QuickTip #6: Posting Flyers

Like a zombie punching through six feet of dirt to rise from the grave, Tax Marketing QuickTips are back!

These were a popular feature on this blog from, umm, like, three years ago. Then I got all distracted and whatnot by starting a software company. Some people, right? 🙂

These QuickTips are intended to be exactly that: Short, actionable steps you can implement in just 10-15 minutes that will improve your tax practice in a small way. These are not meant to Earth-shattering, but more than anything are here to serve as a simple reminder for you to do something occasionally to work on your practice, rather than just in your practice.

Today we’re going to talk about one of the oldest, simplest, and cheapest lead generation tactics that exists: Posting flyers wherever you can.

You know the kind I’m talking about. The simple 8.5×11 sheet of paper with some simple ad copy and a compelling call to action, with the bottom of the flyer configured in a vertically cut “fringe” that people can tear a piece off of that contains your call to action response info: A phone number, website, etc.

I can already hear thousands of CPAs, lawyers, and EAs screaming out an exasperated, “Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?!

No, I’m not kidding. This is tots for realsies.

Select one service that you offer, and one offer. Apply the KISS principle here — that’s “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, if you’re not familiar.

For example, put your mugshot in the upper left corner, and in giant print put “Is the IRS making your life a living nightmare? Call Joe to schedule your complimentary Tax Debt Settlement Analysis…”. Or try something like, “What does the IRS have planned for YOUR retirement? Call Jane today for your complimentary Retirement Tax Assessment…”.

Post these up … Continue reading

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