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SEO Bare Essentials for Local Tax Firms

I’m a big fan of the Pareto Principle, which says that 80% (or more) of your outputs are generated by 20% (or less) of your inputs. The 80/20 rule is well known and has been demonstrated to be true across many arenas, from the income gap to agriculture to marketing results.

One area where I have long espoused an 80/20 rule viewpoint is in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a marketing strategy in which you seek to be at the top of the Google search results for a particular search term. For example, this blog floats around the top five in the search results for keywords such as “tax resolution marketing”. Today, I’m at #2 for that term, and #1 is an article I wrote for Canopy.

This ranking is not an accident.

At one point, my tax practice site ranked in the top three on Google for many search terms related to tax relief, tax resolution, and the IRS Fresh Start program. I gave up those positions several years ago when I stopped doing the activities that maintained the position, but I’m confident I could reclaim them with a little bit of work.

SEO in particular is one of those marketing strategies that has a well defined Minimum Effective Dose (MED). This is a Tim Ferriss term, and describes the bare minimum work you need to do in order to see the majority of positive results. Note that this isn’t about being lazy, but rather about being efficient.

Now, while I encourage tax professionals to utilize a service such as TaxProMarketer for your complete website, SEO, and social media marketing, there are plenty of people that either don’t want to commit the financial resources to a service provider, or that just enjoy the process of doing this stuff themselves. So, … Continue reading

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30-Day 1040 Tax Resolution Marketing Challenge: Day 3

Where are you standing two days into the challenge?

If you’re behind, then no worries. Even if you have zero intention of touching any of this until after Independence Day, that’s cool, too. That’s the beauty of these short, simple tasks, you can get caught up on five days worth in about an hour. They’ll be even shorter today and tomorrow, because I realize nobody really wants to be working during a holiday. But it’s also the perfect time to be doing these sort of tasks, because it mentally reinforces the importance of the marketing habit (hmmm, The Marketing Habit might make a good book title!).

In fact, I’m the same way. So before anybody accuses of me of “phoning it in” the next couple days, let me just admit it straight up. 🙂

Day 3 Challenge

This is going to sound a LOT like Day 1. I mean, a lot like Day 1.

But instead of LinkedIn, head on over to Google Maps and search for “tax preparers”. Pick the five non-franchise preparers that are closest to you, go to their websites, and find an email address or a Contact Us form. Write or call them and introduce yourself, and let them know you’re looking to network.

Time: 10 minutes

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30-Day 1040 Tax Resolution Marketing Challenge: Day 2

Happy Sunday!

Oh, did you think there were days off during the 30-day challenge?

Nay, nay, as we say. If you want the pay, you gotta play every day. So let’s do more lead harvesting via referral marketing.

(See what I did there? It’s the weekend, it’s ok to have a little fun.)

Before we get to today’s challenge task, a quick reminder about the next two upcoming CPE webinars:

July 6: Another presentation of the sweeping overview of tax resolution. This will be a rebroadcast of last week’s presentation, but still counts as CE/CPE. Free. Click here to register.

July 7: Inside the IRM™: Financial Analysis Handbook, Part 1. Only $10. Click here to register.

Day 2 Challenge

Birds of a feather flock together.

You and I are weird birds. We chose to build our professional careers around taxes. By most measures, that’s a strange topic to get excited about. But, we do. And since nobody else around us wants to talk about the IRS, we have to go out of our way to find other tax geeks like ourselves.

Most areas have a local professional organization for tax and accounting professionals. As in, a local-only organization. It may be at the city, county, or state level, but it’s not associated with or affiliated in any way with a national organization. Here in my bend in the creek, it’s a group called Washington State Tax Consultants (WSTC), and they have county-level chapters in the more populous parts of the state. It’s only $90 a year, and is primarily a CPE provider.

Your challenge today is to go find your local organization and join.

Now, I don’t know what yours is called, or where they’re based, or what they do, or if they’re any good or not, so don’t email me asking if … Continue reading

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