2015 A to Z Tax Resolution Business Blueprint

Congratulations on your decision to add the lucrative service of IRS collections representation to your practice!

The material presented in the A to Z Tax Resolution Business Blueprint is intended to provide you with a thorough roadmap into the tax resolution business. We start with the fundamentals, such as defining your target market and putting proper operational systems into place, before moving into the mechanics of lead generation and closing sales. It is highly suggested that you listen to these recordings in the order presented. I would advise that you download the recordings to your smartphone or iPod and listen to them while driving or enjoying long walks on the beach (total audio time is about 21.5 hours).

With a couple of exceptions that are indicated, these recordings were all made in 2015. Some were made during the Spring 2015 Tax Resolution Mentoring series, and others were recorded at the 2015 Tax Resolution Leadership Conference in Atlanta, GA. The Q&A sections of these recordings have been left in place so that you can learn from the questions asked by your colleagues that had the privilege of being there live, as you are likely to have many of the same questions.

After listening to the audio recordings, delve into the 60-day Jump Start material in order to see a day-by-day, easy to follow pathway for adding tax resolution to your existing practice.

I’ve also included for your benefit a selection of my most successful tax resolution marketing pieces, so that you can see what the marketing pieces referenced in the recordings actually look like. These marketing pieces and scripts should provide you with a starting point for implementing your own marketing campaigns, but as you’ll learn in this course, you should always be testing and tweaking your marketing and your systems.

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A to Z Tax Resolution Business Blueprint Introduction (MP3) (15 min)

Setting The Stage For Success

You Can’t Be All Things To All People (MP3) (2 hours) – Not everybody should be your client. Be selective. Target marketing.

Exercise (seriously, fill this out): IDEAL Client Profile Worksheet (PDF)

Differentiating Yourself From Your Competition (MP3) (2 hours) – Oh, you’ve got 20 years of experience? Awesome! So do 300 other people in your city. You need to differentiate in ways that genuinely matter.

Uncovering Market Opportunities In Social Change (MP3) (38 min) – The world is changing. You can choose to profit from change, or suffer the consequences of ignoring it.

Systems Make Life Easier and More Profitable (MP3) (35 min) – Tax resolution is a process. Very few cases are genuinely unique and special. Checklists are your friend.

Lead Follow Up Systems (MP3) (2 hours)- If you’re not going to do proper lead follow up, then don’t waste your time and money generating leads in the first place.

Lead Generation Systems (MP3) (1 hr, 40 min)- Put your marketing on auto-pilot.

Hiring Your First Tax Resolution Assistant (MP3) (45 min) – Staff provide massive leverage, especially your first hire.

Telemarketing (MP3) (1 hr, 50 min)- More tax resolution work is sold over the phone than through any other means. Yes, even in 2015. Best used in conjunction with other media.

Direct Mail Strategies (MP3) (1 hr, 17 min)- Direct mail is the #2 most successful media through which tax resolution is sold. Yes, even in 2015.

Direct Mail Variations (90 min) – This is a call from 2013 covering the 5 variations on my old 72 Hour Blitz method. Even though it’s a couple years old, I’ve included it here to primarily to help you start thinking deeper about the flexibility of your marketing plans.

How To Increase Your Direct Mail ROI (MP3) (43 min)

Internet Marketing Lead Generation (MP3) (1 hr, 27 min) – This Internet fad looks like it will be sticking around a while. It’s worth paying attention to.

Sales Training (MP3) (94 min) – Tax prep is a commodity, and therefore sells itself. Tax resolution requires you to actually SELL it. Learn how here.

Tax Resolution Sales Model Checklists Comparison (MP3) (51 min)

How To Increase Your Tax Resolution Sales Closing Rate (MP3) (32 min)

Reducing Your Cost of Client
Acquisition (MP3)
(43 min) – This is both a marketing and a sales topic, but I’ve put it here in Sales because this is where you’re probably going to be ready for it. You may need to play this at half speed.

Tax Resolution Consultative Sales Manual (PDF)

Case Work
Client Intake, Transcript Analysis, Financials, Resolution Options (MP3) – (70 minutes) – The most concise case work overview I’ve ever recorded. Thorough, but squeezed into just 70 minutes. Recorded live in Phoenix, AZ in summer 2014.

60-Day Tax Resolution Jump Start

If you skipped straight to this, and didn’t listen to the audio training listed above first, then go sit in the corner. Or, pop the above recordings onto your iPod and go for a long, long drive. Either way, this 60-day Jump Start plan to get your tax resolution business up and running quickly requires an understanding of the background material. Watch this twice.

Tax Resolution 60 Day Startup Plan
1-Hour Per Day Marketing Plan

Marketing Pieces

You jumped straight to here, didn’t you? I know you did. Don’t worry, so would I.

Jumbo, Full Color Postcards

Letters: Dunning Sequences


Telephone Scripts

Radio Spot Scripts

Press Release Samples

Webinar Presentation
I’ve moved to a 100% webinar-based lead generation strategy. All direct mail, all Internet marketing, all telemarketing, is directed towards getting people on the webinars.