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Tax season client reactivation process

Do you lose tax preparation clients each year? Some tax offices experience a higher rate of client turnover than others. Depending upon your target market, business model, and fee structure, your turnover rate can vary quite widely. There are offices out there that experience turn rates in excess of 20%. For some of you reading […]

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How to skyrocket your tax business

Revenue growth. Do you want that? Everything I write about in these Tax Marketing Tips… Everything I discuss on our Premium member Q&A calls… Every book, every course, every seminar… It’s all about helping you to achieve revenue growth. If growing your client base…increasing your fees…and making more money are NOT your objective, then please […]

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Maximizing tax office efficiency

When your tax practice operates at maximum efficiency, you are leveraging your strategic assets to produce maximum profits. Most of us are in this business for the sake of creating profits. Otherwise, what would be the point of driving ourselves crazy with tax code and clients, right? In my experience, when you are operating at […]

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Have you written your book yet?

It’s the final few hours of the NAEA national convention here in Las Vegas. It’s been a blast getting to meet some long-time Tax Marketing Tips readers face to face, plus being introduced to many new readers as an exhibitor here in conjunction with NTPI. Many thanks to everybody that has dropped by to chat! […]

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How To Expand Your Tax Practice

Expanding into new realms is one of the best ways to expand your tax or accounting practice. In this article, we will discuss how to do exactly that. When it comes to market expansion of your practice, there are really two ways to go about doing it. The first is to consider geographical expansion. You […]

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